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5 Reasons The Brooklyn Nets Need To Make It To The Playoffs

The Brooklyn Nets are in danger of missing the playoffs and so much more.

5 Reasons The Brooklyn Nets Need To Make It To The Playoffs

After the NBA ALL-STAR break, the Brooklyn Nets came out looking like a brand new NBA team. They finally seemed like the team people had been expecting since coming first arriving in the borough in 2012. However, after the absolute disastrous loss against the Charlotte Hornets and Fridays night overtime loss against the struggling Phoenix Suns, Brooklyn is looking out of sorts. The lost a must win game and then lost the very next game after. The team must know that now is the time when their situation is most dire. If the Nets miss the playoffs it will be catastrophic to the players, nearby businesses, fans and the organization.

As of March 7th 2015, the Brooklyn Nets are looking from the outside in to the Eastern Conference Playoff picture. They are currently in the 11th seed behind Boston, Miami, and Indiana. Though 11th place usually means that the playoffs are out of reach, the Nets have a small window to make up some ground; a very small window. It’s extremely small because the Nets have a tough schedule ahead of them through the end of the month. They will face the likes of the Cavaliers, Hornets, Bucks, and Heat; all teams with better records and who have beaten the Nets. The Nets absolutely must not miss the playoffs and here are some reasons why.

5 Reasons The Brooklyn Nets Need To Make It To The Playoffs

1st Time As The Brooklyn Nets Not In A Playoff Position

Brooklyn is not a borough of failure. We’re about pride and history. We rise against all odds and leave our markings all over the world. The Nets need to take in what the borough is all about and project onto the court. If the Nets look good then Brooklyn looks good and unfortunately right now the Nets are not looking good.

They’ll Miss The Opportunity For New Fans

The playoffs give the world a chance to see who the elite teams are in each conference. If the Nets are not in it, they will be considered mediocre at best.

They’ll Miss Becoming The Dominate Team In New York

The Knicks have been terrible this year but if the Nets miss the playoffs then the Nets and Knicks will be seen in the same light.

They’ll Trade A Costly Draft Pick To Atlanta

The Joe Johnson deal back in 2012 will show its final touches in the 2015 NBA draft. Atlanta has the right to switch picks with Brooklyn if their pick is better. If Brooklyn makes the playoffs, they’ll have a pick late in the draft along with Atlanta which would lessen the chance of Atlanta making the switch. If Brooklyn doesn’t make the playoffs then Atlanta will definitely take the early 1st round pick to better their team.

The Owners Need The Team To Make It

The owners and front office management are betting on the Nets getting into the playoffs. They already lost their shot at the championship 5 year window so missing the playoffs are not an option.

5 Reasons The Brooklyn Nets Need To Make It To The Playoffs

The Nets simply need to get back to sharing the ball. Deron Williams was averaging double-doubles in each game after the All-Star break and is now struggling with his shot and his assists. He needs to get it together and help his team out. He was built as the cornerstone of this team and needs to remember that. Joe Johnson is now acting like he can’t take a shot, let alone make one. His points are further down from this time last year, when he battled with Lebron James into the 2nd round of the playoffs. The team also needs to practice late game situations that has cost the Nets the majority of their games. The Nets just seem to unravel in the last quarter or last 2 minutes of a game.

They need to build up resistance, slow the game down and take high percentage shots. There a lot of careless ball movement and unnecessary ball dribbling during these times which leads to costly turnovers and eventually the game. The Nets have everything they need to put an elite team together and they’ve shown us what that looked like when they beat the Golden State Warriors. The problem is that they Nets win as much as they lose. Good teams are a model of consistency and the Nets need to model after that if they plan on having another consecutive year in the NBA Playoffs.

[Photo Credit Via Brooklyn Nets Twitter]

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