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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn


Born in Brooklyn, NY on December 31st 1987 at Brookdale Hospital….I was destined to be all things Brooklyn. I’ve lived all my life on the corner of Brooklyn Ave (Go Figure).

I graduated from Fashion Industries High School in 2005 and went on to get my degree in Fashion Merchandising Management. That still wasn’t enough for me. I wanted more than just Fashion. Knowing how to predict and construct future styles are cool, but I needed more.

I had a dream that became a passion. I couldn’t keep this love that I had for Brooklyn all to myself. There is so much to do and see here. People need to know about it!

I feel that it is my duty to bring to the forefront all the events, restaurants, nightlife, and not to mention the people of this amazing borough to the light. Such great things that you don’t know about, that is happening in your own back yard.

This site would be nothing without the backing of the people who love Brooklyn as much as I do.

So I want to know about you. Please leave me your information and if you want to be part of the site, get in touch with me via email…

“Spread Love, It’s The Brooklyn Way”

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