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MTA Will NOT Raise Fare To $3, Weekly & Monthly MetroCard Pricing Will Still Go Up

The MTA smartly said fuhgeddaboutit!

The MTA board has voted and agreed to keep the base fare at $2.75.

In a last minute push to keep the fares from rising to $3, the MTA has decided to cut the bonus percentage from 11% to 5%. This means commuters who purchase MetroCards with $10 or more for the bonus awarded, every round trip will jump 14 cents — from $2.48 to $2.62 per ride.

A $1 fee for purchasing a new MetroCard remains the same.

The weekly unlimited MetroCard will still increase one dollar to $32, and the a 30-day unlimited pass will increase to $121 from $116.50. The fare changes are set to take effect on March 19.

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