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WATCH: ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Releases Two Hilarious Promo Videos For Brooklyn Week From Coney Island

Jimmy Kimmel is prepping locals for his trip back to Brooklyn.

Jimmy Kimmel is taking his trip back to Brooklyn very seriously.

In preparation for “Jimmy Kimmel Live in Brooklyn” the late night host sent out his cousin Sal to Nathan’s in Coney Island to prank a few locals.

In the first video (above) Sal pretended to serve hot dogs, while an elderly man, acting as the “original Nathan of Nathan’s Hotdogs” staged a fight with a competitor as real customers watched in confusion.

This week, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” released a second video (below), continued from the first in Coney Island. With hidden cameras around pranked a pair of customers by visibly tampering with their food and offering hotdog soup.

The Brooklyn native, is set to bring his show to BAM from Monday, Oct. 16 to Friday, Oct. 20. Howard Stern, David Letterman, Billy Joel, Amy Schumer, Tracy Morgan, and Paul Shaffer are all scheduled guest for the week.

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