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Miller Lite And Street Artist Buff Monster Team Up To Capture The Heart Of Brooklyn In A Mural

How does one capture the total essence of Brooklyn in street art?

Beer brand Miller Lite partnered with acclaimed street artist Buff Monster and donated a blank canvas to spotlight communities that stay true to their roots with their new ‘Our Can, Your Canvas’ initiative.

For the first installment of the program, Buff Monster created his interpretation of New York City’s most iconic borough, Brooklyn, and transformed that vision into a mural located at Dobbin Street and Norman Avenue in the Greenpoint-Williamsburg neighborhood. The mural, which will be up until October 30, highlights the diverse culture of the borough, with several key elements of the piece being a direct reflection of what makes the borough unique.

“Brooklyn has undergone a lot of change, but its true essence remains intact – it’s an interesting mix of history and culture, truly making it a unique place,” Buff Monster said in a recent release. “I’m excited that Miller Lite provided me with a blank space and opportunity to champion Brooklyn, its residents and rich history with the ‘Our Can, Your Canvas’ program.”

Over the past 15 years Buff Monster has grown to become one of America’s great street artists, with much of his work inspired by his passion points: heavy metal music, Japanese culture, pop art and graffiti. Known for his bold and vibrant aesthetic, Buff Monster’s work exudes an ever-present sense of confidence, individuality – traits that are shared with Miller Lite.

“Since creating the light beer category in 1975, we have proudly held true to our belief that a beer could be light without compromising on taste, a precedent we established and have maintained in the brewing industry for over 40 years,” said Cris Rivera, Miller Lite marketing director. “We are thrilled that through the ‘Our Can, Your Canvas’ program, we can bring these values to life in a fun and visually appealing way.”

Limited edition glassware, coasters and t-shirts, inspired by Buff Monster’s mural, are available for Miller Lite fans at select on-premise locations around New York City through October 30th.

Watch the inspiration behind the mural below:

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