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67 Brooklyn Restaurants You Need To Visit This Summer, According To The Socialites

Our Instagram followers, the ‘socialites,’ have told us their favorite restaurants around the borough and now you need to try them out for yourselves.

We have officially dubbed our social media followers the ‘socialites.’ They are the locals (and a few from far away) who know Brooklyn beyond what we do. They have traveled to neighborhoods farther than the more popular Williamsburg and Downtown Brooklyn and have gotten to know the residents, the shops, the restaurants and the fare that make up the neighborhoods.

Our socialites have sampled foods from around the world without ever having to leave the borough. They have stopped in “little Poland” (Greenpoint) and sampled Gołąbki — a famous Polish dish consisting of cabbage leaves stuffed with spiced minced meat and rice or mushrooms. They have passed through little Italy (Bensonhurst) and feasted on polenta and tiramisu. So when we asked them to tell us their favorite restaurants in Brooklyn, they swiftly came up with the best 67 spots that everyone must try this season.

Put on you big boy pants, leave the belt at home, save this list, make sure to visit every restaurant below and get back to us on your favorite spots, dishes and drinks!

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