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1776NY & Kate Spade Foundation Launch New Program in Brooklyn For Female Entrepreneurs

“If women ran the world we wouldn’t have wars, just intense negotiations every day.” – Robin Williams

1776NY has collaborated with the Kate Spade Foundation to launch a program solely focused on boss ladies — the Women’s Entrepreneurship Lab.

1776’s new space will occupy Building 77 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. According to the website, 1776 is a group of like minded innovators, using technology to resolve the most common challenges faced in education, energy, food, health, money, security & urban infrastructure by unifying the government, businesses and entrepreneurs to demonstrate change and economic growth. 1776NY is broken down into three groups – members, their community, and soon to be, their lab occupants. Members benefit from different workshops increasing fundraising strategies, mentorship, and workspace. The community plays a key role in the productivity of the company because while different surveys are conducted, their feedback is used for quality improvement. The Women’s Entrepreneurship Lab will operate as a work space for “female founders” striving to make a difference in challenges faced by young and older women.

The program went public in March as 1776 hosted Women’s Demo Day in observance of International Women’s Day. The event gave local female startups a platform to pitch their business under 24 minutes. After hosting such a positive and interactive event, it was agreed to keep the trend going by supplying resources for selected local businesses that contributes to 1776’s motto.

Although the program will only select ten applicants, those selected will receive access to special programs, classes and events joined by current members. The company also offers in-house office space rentals for as low as $100 a month.

Female business owners who are hoping to solve challenges faced by women are encouraged to apply and have until July 31 to do so as the program will kick things off this November.

If you are a local startup company who fits the requirements and qualifications for the Women’s Entrepreneurship Lab, click here to apply now.

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