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MTA Looks To Raise Subway Fare To $3 By March

Here we go again.

In a new pricing plan MTA officials are looking to raise single ride fares to $3, according to the Daily News.

Next week the MTA will propose two fare change options at a board meeting. The first option will see the now $2.75 jump a quarter to $3 but will also increase the bonus riders get for every round trip they put on their MetroCard to 16%, up from 11%. The other option will see the fare stay at $2.75 but the 11% round-trip bonus would be decreased to 5%.

Whichever option the MTA decides to go with the monthly Metrocard will still jump to $121, from $116.50 and a weekly will go up a dollar to $32, from $31.

The fare hike will go into effect March 19.

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