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The Burger Palace ‘BareBurger’ Was 1st Thought Of In Brooklyn!

“{I} Opened up a night club in Brooklyn, before Brooklyn was Brooklyn. I ran it for seven years and I had a great time. I ran a nightclub that never made any money but had a ton of fun. From there that’s where Bareburger was born, in that basement in Brooklyn.” stated Bareburger CEO & Founder, Euripides Pelekanos.


Bareburger, the burger heaven for “The Organic, Authentic Burger”, was first thought of in Brooklyn in 2009. Pelekanos sat down with Bloomberg TV, “Taking Stock” and discussed the creation and evolution of Bareburger.

I was broke to be completely honest with you. We were selling organic burger at the nightclub and it was a huge hit. That was the only reason people were coming to the club.”

Watch the full interview below:

If you have yet to try Bareburger, you must. As of right now there are only two Brooklyn locations, 149 Court Street in Downtown Brooklyn and 170 7th Avenue in Park Slope.

Such a great and inspiring interview. There’s something in the Brooklyn air, something.

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