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Brooklyn Now Sells The Priciest Cup of Coffee in America At $18

The shop also sells coffee for as little as $3.

A new café in Sunset Park sells America’s most expensive cup of joe.

Alpha Dominche Extraction Lab on 51 35th St. in Industry City is going viral for their $18 cup of Panama Geisha — said by experts to be the best coffee in the world.

“Most people don’t realize that every coffee we drink today is originally from Ethiopia. Travelers began to take these coffee plants found in Ethiopia and grew them in their home countries,” a rep from the cafe told Daily Mail. “The Panama Gesha is one of the only coffees that came straight from Ethiopia, and didn’t pass through anywhere on it’s way to Panama. It has a DNA unlike any other on earth, and this is what makes it so special and rare.”

Though this pricey cup of coffee is making headlines, it’s the Extraction Lab’s state-of-the-art machines that should be talked about. Their original craft brewing machines called Steampunk, combines all the elements of drip, French press, and espresso brewing in one. The machines — operated by iPad — go through a six-step process. First, water is heated with steam to a precise brewing temperature, then, ground coffee is added, and “gentle pulses of steam” infuse the drink. The coffee grounds are then fully immersed, and the brewed coffee drips into a lower chamber. Finally, once all the liquid is in the lower chamber, a barista can open the tap to pour the drink.

Each machine is worth a jaw-dropping $7,000, meaning they have to sell quite a few of those $18 cups to make it worth it.

If you just want to visit the café without forking over the cost of an Uber trip from Brooklyn to Manhattan, their menu also offers lattes and cappuccinos, up to 50 different teas and a slew of pastries made by Meyers Bageri.

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