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2016 Brooklyn Food Trends We’d Be Happy To See Go!

Because we’re seriously over them!

Look, I love Brooklyn cuisine as much as the next person, but enough is enough 2016! You have had too many food trends that simply HAVE to go. From discolored foods to overhyped flavors, we’re definitely ready to be out with the old, A.K.A. these food trends that dominated Brooklyn in 2016.

Rainbow Bagels

Yes, we get it. The rainbow bread is pretty, so you should totally post a photo of it on your Instagram account. Unfortunately, everyone else in Williamsburg had the same thought, which led to lines over three hours long.

We have plenty of amazing bagel restaurants that require no more than a five-minute wait (if there’s a line), so spending your afternoon in line for some multicolored bread that isn’t even that good? No thanks. (And yes, we’ve tried the bagel. You’re better off with your standard Egg Bagel.)

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No, that’s not a nickname for Pokémon Go (although that’s a 2016 trend that can also go away). Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish that consists of raw fish, vegetables, and rice. Basically, it deconstructed sushi. While it’s a healthy and delicious dish, the problem is similar to that of Northern Brooklyn – it’s losing its culture really quickly.

Poke is a staple of Hawaiian cuisine, history, and culture and it’s being appropriated rapidly. Until there’s a place in Brooklyn that’s authentically Hawaiian and does poke justice, consider us over this trend.

Complicated Donuts

Again, we love a good donut, but the amount of specialty donut spots in Brooklyn are about to go the way of the cupcake and frozen yogurt shops. There’s no way that every currently operating donut shop is going to last through 2017, and it’s for the best that some of them close down and make way for whatever dessert trend is coming up.

The easiest way to do that would be ditch the overly extraneous flavoring. French toast cherry pie? Jelly pom pom? Uba? Should any of these flavors be in donuts?? There’s nothing wrong with one or two exotic flavors, but too many ruins the simple joy of eating a donut.

Endless Chain Restaurants!

A recent study showed that chain restaurants are on the rise across New York City’s five boroughs, and frankly – we’re not excited about it. After slower growth in 2015, chains like Dunkin Donuts and Subway are dominating Brooklyn and making harder for small businesses to get off the ground. It’s hard to compete with a store that has significantly more financial backing, but we know just wishing that the chains will go away is, well, wishful thinking. Maybe another year!

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  1. Michael Bennett

    December 17, 2016 at 1:17 pm

    I enjoyed the page I would love to be shared with updates

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